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• I will be the scientific editor of a book project about Cognitive Maps with the publisher IntechOpen that will be launched in the spring 2019. Information about chapter proposals etc will be made available in the spring 2019.

• I will coedit the journal Complexity's Special Issue on Advances in Architectures, Big Data and Machine Learning Techniques for Complex Internet of Things Systems to be published in March 2019. Call for papers.

• 4 September 2018 I will give a presentation about brain-inspired AI and machine learning at Foo Cafe in Malmö. In collaboration with the Swedish consulting firm Neodev AB in Malmö.

• 24 August 2018 I will give a presentation at the Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures BICA 2018, which will be held as a part of the Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence HLAI-18 in Prague, Czech Republic. My presentation will be about experiments with a neural network system that imagines missing parts of perceived music. The imagination is done through the internal simulation of activity patterns in the neural network architecture which it elicits because it has learnt to associate them with the perceived music. The neural network architecture is based on a further developed and more mature version of the Associative Self-Organizing Map. An article describing the experiments is now published in the BICA Journal, and a paper will also be available as a part of the proceedings of BICA 2018.

• 23 June 2018 I will give a presentation about consciousness and internal simulation and participate in a panel discussion about machine consciousness with Peter Boltuc, Ricardo Sanz, Ned Block and Igor Aleksander at the annual meeting of the International Association for Computing And Philosophy in Warsaw, Poland.

• 1 June 2018 I will give a presentation (in Swedish) about AI and machine learning at the Swedish consulting firm Neodev AB in Malmö.